Megapolis is the only city-building based game available free for the IOS and Android devices. It is also a task base game, and you are able to build your own city in the game.  It is the best production of social quantum Ltd., and you need the internet connection to play it. Megapolis is an online game, so you get the option to play it with your friends and family. If you want to play the game with high graphics and better gameplay, then you should play it once.

You are the planner in the game, and it is your duty to build all the buildings effectively. Give your 100% to make your citizens happy, because they play the vital role for your success in the game.

Focus on the growth      

It is a measure issue for the players of the game to increase the population level. You should always give your best to grow the population, because if you have more population in the game city, then you can collect more taxes for playing the game. Moreover, you should use the population cap to boost your population quickly. You can make many different types of structure because every structure helps you to add more members to your town.


Always try to complete all the challenges to earn more coin. It is a very easy to step for you to earn more coins by playing the mini-games, so you should win more and more challenges to play impressively.  These challenges can also increase the chances to unlock the new buildings and areas for the production.

How to get more coins       

  • Always try to build the infrastructure buildings first, because these buildings give you the set amount of coins in the face of taxes. You can earn some extra coins as a population penalty with it.
  • Use the city hall to collect all the taxes in a single step; it is a very useful method to save the energy in the game.
  • You can also earn more free coins by sending some gifts to your friends or with Megapolis Hack.