The games are the vital activity of every human life. Online lots of game are available, but Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is the best action game. The game is tattle depends on famous movie harry potter. All the movie characters are available in the game, and the graphics make it realist. Many things make the game popular like missions, events and much more. If you have IOS or Android devices then must download the game. In the game, you can make own avatar with lots of unique dresses.

Detail about energy-

The energy is the lifeline of your player. Without power you cannot play the game means energy are must require to play the game. To obtain the currencies in it very hard but with Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack to gain free power. So today we tell to those ways to get free energy in most comfortable and excellent ways.

How to get free energy from locations-

In the game lots of unique locations are available. On each location, you will receive the free energy. Those locations are helpful to get free energy when the power goes down.

  1. The castle ground is the best location to get free energy. In the castle, ground tap the stick on the ground, and you will get free energy.
  2. The west towers are also the best location to get free energy.
  3. Dungeons are also the essential way to get free energy. Forgetting the free energy tap on the house Elf and you will get.
  4. Via the Hogsmeade, you will get the free energy, and it is also the easiest way to get it free.
  5. In the Lower Floor west, two ways are available to get free energy. The first one way is tap o torch and on the right side of the hall. The second way is the tap on the middle statue.
  6. Lower floor east is the fabulous way to get free. For getting it free tap on the stack of books and that is sitting on the bench.
  7. The east towers are count in the best lactation to get free energy.

Others way to get free energy-

  1. Level up-

When level up in the game then you will get the free energy. Via completes the missions boost up the level. You can also receive the lots of rewards from complete the tasks. So level up is the great way to get free energy.